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Kia Ora + Kiyoraka = Kiora

Kiora Cottage was first built in 2006 in the hope of bringing a little piece of New Zealand to Japan.  I wanted to make a place where my New Zealand friends and family could visit and feel comfortable and I hoped that I would be able to introduce some of my Japanese friends to some of the culture of New Zealand, without them having to leave Japan. 

The name "Kiora" is a combination of two words - "Kia Ora", meaning welcome in Maori and "Kiyoraka", which means pure or natural.  Like the combination of the words I hope the cottage is a place where you can feel a sense of New Zealand in a natural, pure environment.

Kiora Cottage is now a place where international craft and flavour can be experienced by all. I look forward to welcoming you soon!

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Joanne Tomooka

Originally from Dunedin, New Zealand, I came to Japan in 1996 as an English teacher on the JET programme.   After spending over 15 years teaching and raising my family, I started a small cookie and jam business which has been slowly growing.   I like to use as much local produce as possible while using international flavors.
I look forward to bringing a small piece of the world to the countryside of Oita prefecture through the crafts of other expats living in Japan and some great home baking!